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Elle made sure Mias got a full summary of the past day’s events after removing themselves from the reception’s vicinity and up to the guest room. They passed Retti on the stairs and saw fit to have her mention to Marius that Elle was safe, and for them both to keep Cassius under control if they could manage it. Their discussion wasn’t long, but Elle didn’t believe Mias was completely powerless to do something about the situation. Surely there was something they hadn’t thought of.

“You know you can transform,” he reminded her.

“I can’t do that in a crowd of people. I’ll be stepped out if not noticed. I suppose I could run into an empty hall, but that still leaves my clothes as evidence… and what happens when I need to change back?”

“If you’re truly in danger, I doubt your modesty is going to keep you from doing what it takes to survive.”

“But that’s just it Mias, ‘survive’. This isn’t the forest and I’m not really a mouse. I’m a human who just wants to have an ordinary life, and granted that’s already impossible since the day you grabbed me, but when do I get to just enjoy being with you like you wanted?” She asked, knowing if she phrased it in that way, he’d have further motivation to meet her needs.

“If you had just accepted your fate sooner, Elias wouldn’t have found you so intriguing,” he said bluntly.

“So you’ll blame me?” She huffed.

“No, I blame Elias. Thorn in the side that he is, he’s never taken this much interest in the personal aspects of my life. He must see the same fire in you that I do, we are twins after all, and like me, if he can covet that and hurt me in the process, it’s too tantalizing to leave it be.”

“And you think even if Durias permits me to stay with you, he won’t give up?”

“No, he’ll have to exercise subtlety and that’ll only make things worse.”

Elle groaned and rose from her chair to pace the room. “So really, no matter what we do, it’s pointless.”

“Not if we can get Durias on our side, which I have every confidence we will. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but rather we have only one of my brothers to worry about,” he got up to stop her pacing. “Elias is a burden I’ve learned to live with, it’s not pleasant, but it’s doable.”

“You’re asking me to live with that bastard constantly threatening my life?! Have you not heard what I’ve been saying?! I’ve been paranoid enough these past few days! I don’t want to have to cling to you 24-7 because I’m afraid every rustle in the bush, every flap of a curtain, every little dump in the night might be him coming to get me!”

Mias realized he’d taken her rattling too lightly. Fear preyed on the mind of many men, and to see a mind such as Elle’s plagued by it did not sit well with him. He’d spoken callously. He’d never been afraid of Elias, just regarded him as an unwelcomed pest whenever he chose to show up, and a pest that was easily dealt with. Elle didn’t have his powers or any offensive skill to give her the confidence enough to stave off the fear; not even confidence in him. “Do you truly believe I cannot protect you?”

“It’s not about what you can do Mias, it’s my life, remember?! You don’t have any idea how frustrating this is for me! If he’s not going to leave us be, why can’t you just kill him?!” She shouted before catching the end of her sentence by covering her mouth.

Mias was certainly surprised to hear her say that, but his eyes narrowed and his mouth straightened to a very solemn expression. “You don’t think I’ve considered that option?”

“I-I’m sorry, I…”

“It’s understandable,” he smiled a little and rested his hands on her shoulders. “Your fears aren’t unfounded, but you are letting them get the better of you. I’m asking a great deal of you, but if I didn’t believe it were possible, I wouldn’t ask you to.”

Elle sighed and lifted her hands to cup his cheeks. “I want to…”


“But just how to do expect me to live knowing that psychopath has it out for me?” She asked, touching her palms against his chest.

“Well, unpleasant as it is for me to say… Elias and I are twins, whether we like it or not. Even if he were to get his hands on you again, I doubt he’d kill you. He’s gone through enough trouble now where killing you wouldn’t satisfy him.”

“So what? He’d torture me then!”

“In way, yes, but… probably not in the way you’re thinking.”

“What?! Ew!”

“Exactly, so think of him only as a very demented pervert. If he’s going to kill anyone, it’ll be me and he’ll never get the chance, so you don’t need to fret so much.”

“Not fret about a demented pervert? Really?!”

“Sex is hardly the worst thing he can do to you.”

“I’d rather he kill me than touch me! Not when he looks like you! Even if I live, how would I ever be able to stomach being with you again?!” Elle didn’t expect Mias to blush at the comment, but he did, very lightly, but she could tell.

“You don’t want him to ruin it your image of me?”

Elle felt her cheeks brighten as well. Perhaps that comment showed too much of her true feelings.

“I didn’t think I’d be so happy to hear that,” Mias smiled, tilting her chin up to look her in the eyes. “You value me that deeply?”

“Y-Y-You’re the one I’m sleeping with… I-I don’t have any intentions of adding to my list of partners… so… I suppose… I do…”

He grinned widely.

“And you’re letting this go to your head already? Mias, I’m being serious,” Elle frowned.

“I know, which makes me even happier,” he beamed, locking his arms around her bottom and hoisting her up. “I want you make you happy too, but you need to let me… and that means not letting anyone aside from me occupy your mind.”

“Mias…” It was a sweet sentiment, but not exactly an easy one to follow. Still, he made it damn difficult to oppose those eyes and that smile. She wanted to put her faith in him, she truly did, but letting go of fear to embrace only him seemed negligent and foolish.

“Surely it’s not as hard as you think,” he continued. “You spent a great deal of this separation missing me, didn’t you?”

“I never said that,” she said defensively.

“You don’t need to say it, I know. The expression when you first saw me spoke volumes about your stress. All that melted away when you realized I was here.”

She blushed and averted her eyes to the side. He was beginning to read her well.

“I missed you too,” he said softly, kissing her exposed cheek as he lowered her back toward the floor. “The world was never so boring without you by my side.”

Elle doubted she was that entertaining, but it was nice to hear, and she certainly deserved to hear nice things, it was the least he could do for her. “What I wouldn’t give for a regular ol’ boring life again…”

Mias chuckled as he felt her lips brush past his neck and kiss along his jaw line to his lips. Elle’s compliments were never straight forward, not that he mind. He held her lips as began pulling up her dress and petticoat to get at her under garments.

“You actually held off longer than I thought you would…” Elle blushed, feeling him grab her bloomers and pull them down.

“It took a great deal to not pounce on you the moment I saw you,” he purred, holding her hip as she stepped out of the garment. “Is that all…?”

“Y-Yeah,” she nodded. “I’m wearing enough layers, having underwear would have been too confining…”

“Good, I don’t think I can wait much longer,” he said as he unbelted himself and stepped back to his chair to take a seat.

“You wanna do it like this?” Elle asked, but didn’t object as she straddled his lap.

“Mhm,” he grinned, finally freeing himself from the confines of his trousers. “Not everyday you’re dressed so finely; be a shame if I didn’t thoroughly experience it.”

She blushed again and felt his hands cup her bottom and pull her onto him. She tightened her fingers around the bunched up skirt of her dress as he entered, but quickly moved them around his neck once their connection was complete. She let out a deep exhale and flushed redder as she once again grew accustom to the sensation. “Mmn…”

“Elle…” he whispered her name past her ear and hugged her tightly to feel each pleasurable shudder she gave as she adjusted.

It never ceased to amaze both of them how calm the world became in such moments. The fact that they could shut out their stresses for even a few minutes surely meant it all wasn’t as bad as it seemed. With release came a sort of mental freedom along with euphoria, and that was Elle needed to feel better.

They sat in silence for a few minutes afterward; Elle coiled around him snuggly while Mias rested his head on her shoulder. It wasn’t until Elle heard a low grumble between them caused that either moved.

“Hungry?” Elle asked.

“Don’t mind it,” he told her, nuzzling his head into her neck. He didn’t mind a few hunger pangs, but apparently his stomach took great offense to not be sated since noon and gurgled again.

“There’s plenty of food downstairs,” Elle smiled, leaning back on his lap. “You won’t be able to go another round if your stomach is empty, right?”

“I suppose…” He sighed. It was truly a shame to move from such comfort, but seeing as he couldn’t keep his gut silent, resigned to let her dismount.

“Okay, you go eat and I’ll freshen myself up,” Elle smiled, taking a sideways glance into the mirror and shrieking when she saw how smudged her makeup was. “Oh my god! Why didn’t you tell me I looked like a smudged painting?!”

“It didn’t seem relevant,” he answered honestly.

“Jeez, I look horrible… go get some dinner already!” She scolded.

“Alright, my dear. Message received.” Mias chuckled as she shoed him out of the room all while trying to belt his trousers back up. He didn’t understand why she was so embarrassed, he was the one who ruined her makeup in the first place and didn’t give a damn what the results were. Passion was sometimes messy after all.

Passionate or not, Elle didn’t like looking like some dejected clown and as soon as she pushed Mias out the door, ran straight into the bathroom to rectify the problem. It was easy enough to remove, probably why it was easily smudged in the first place, and Elle was just thankful to return to her normal appearance.

Deciding she was unlikely to return to the reception, she slipped out of her dress and brought it back to the trunk. She smoothed out the wrinkles as she draped it over the lid for it to air out a bit before being packed. She removed the ornaments from her hair and gently brushed away the curls and then over the puffed out strands with a wet comb.

She picked up her bloomers from the floor and put them over the gown, stepped out of her shoes, and then reached around to unlace her corset and petticoat. She expected no difficulty in untying a few knots, but when she was unable to do so, once again found herself frustrated. “Oh bloody hell, Retti, what sort of knots are you tying?! Ugh!”

Her battle for material liberation waged onward as Mias returned to the room with an already half eaten plate of food, a glass of mead, and a large buttered bun held in his teeth as he needed at least one free hand to open the door. He paused to assess Elle’s predicament and finding the battle amusing, decided to sit and watch her attempts as part of his dinner theatre.

Elle paid him no mind, her stubbornness now making it impossible for her to ask for help. These knots would be bested by her, she just had to get one and the rest would follow, and for her determination, she was able to unloop one of ties, but the victory was short lived once she realized it only made the lacing more difficult to unravel. “You’ve got to be kidding me…”

Mias smiled and finished his plate and downed the contents of his goblet. He’d let her struggle long enough, and after wiping his mouth on his napkin, left his seat to offer his assistance.

“Unf!” Elle continued to ignore him and wrestle with the ties herself until she felt him standing behind her.

“Let me help,” he said calmly, his fingers taking the place of hers and with the added benefit of seeing what needed untying first, began to untangle the mess of strings.

“If I could just get one bloody knot—!” She huffed, ready to go off on him.

“Shush.” Her temper wasn’t going to do her any favors with removing that dress.

Elle reluctantly resigned to his assistance and faced forward after pulling her hair off her back to hopefully make the process easier for him.

Years of practice getting a woman out of her undergarments meant the knots didn’t stand a chance against Mias’ fingers. He pulled loose the first one with ease and began loosing the laces all while staring down her narrow shoulders and small back. Her size considered, it was a wonder how much fight she had in her at times, and for the many trials she suffered, her flesh still remained unmarred and perfect. He felt compelled to kiss her in the hopes it’d preserve such perfection, and so he did, gently placing his lips against her shoulder blade.

Elle blushed the instant she felt his lips on her skin, but despite its pleasantness, felt the need to remind him of his first priority. “Y-You’re supposed to be helping me.”

“Am I not?” He asked, pulling loose the laces that dropped her petticoat and freed her from the constraints of the corset.

“U-Um…” Elle murmured quietly and blushed brighter upon feeling the warmth of his breath near her ear.

“Permit me…” He said softly, undoing the last of the lacework that kept her corset on and finally removing the garment.

Even Elle would have thought she’d be far more accustom to being naked in his presence without blushing, but embarrassment and modesty weren’t the cause of the red tint to her cheeks. It was ironically freeing in some odd way to have him see everything, have him touch everything...

At present he was kissing her neck while his right hand groped her breast and the left slowly crept over her hip and down her thigh. Undressing her was always worthwhile if he got to sample the contents therein, and he was still quite famished from his journey. He could go a few days without sex, but a few days without seeing her was what spurred him onward: grabbing, groping, kneading, grinding… everything he could do to get as close to her as he could, but it wasn’t enough. He wanted more.

Elle was already squirming from the actions of his hands and feeling her knees weaken as she struggled to stay standing. She turned to Mias, grasping at his shirt to steady herself and to then strip him down. She wanted to feel him too. Thankfully she didn’t have any complications removing his clothes: his shirt, his trousers, his boots, all of it, until he was as naked as she was and clutching at her desperately to remain close.

“You have no idea how much I want you,” he whispered wantonly, stepping back behind her to pull her onto his lap as he took a seat on the bed.

“I have a pretty good idea…” she blushed, feeling him poke against her buttocks.

“Heh…” he smirked and kissed her shoulder once again, and then slowly down her arm.

Elle reclined against his chest and watched him with amorous admiration as he kissed her wrist, hand, each of her fingers, her palm, and then back up her arm. She loved it, loved him… and found herself pursing her lip to avoid saying it unnecessarily. She wanted him to know, but was still to afraid to say it in fear he’d take it lightly like he did every other woman who graced his bed. He wouldn’t though, would he? After all they’d been through, it’d be understandable, wouldn’t it? He might even… like it.

“I’m not restraining myself,” he whispered in her ear once he kissed back up to her neck.

She felt her skin prickle in delight from those words, even when he threw her onto her back all she felt was that delicious twisting in her gut and the desire to have him fulfill it. She didn’t want to hold back either, and did so by practically dragging him on top of her when he hadn’t been quick enough to mount her himself. She kissed his lips over and over until she grew short of breath and had to let her mouth only linger at his.

“Mm… tell me you missed me…” Mias ordered with a purr, prodding himself against her entrance.

“I missed you…!” She told him with the utmost sincerity and kissed him again.

He grinned; his ego met he slid his hips forward and exhaled happily while she sensually gasped and tightened her thighs around his waist. “Ah… Elle…!”

“And you… really missed me?” She asked breathlessly while raking her hands down his back. “You’re not just saying that?”

“Of course I missed you,” he smiled, licking her lips. “No one scowls at me the way you do.”

“And no one annoys me like you do,” Elle jabbed back before an extra deep thrust made her cry out. “Ah!”

“Mmn, and yet here we are once again with me between your legs and you loving every moment of it,” he grinned teasingly while his hand gently touched her face. “Or am I wrong?”

“It’s a double-edged sword,” Elle reminded him, arching her back and tightening her grip on his waist, and of course, he made a pleased noise in response. “You can’t one-up me when you’re weak to the same thing.”

He chuckled and nodded his head. “You have me there…”

She smiled and brought her hands up to hold his head. She should tell him and just get it over with. The way they were having their little back-and-forth made for a good opportunity, but even in this moment with Mias’ dark eyes gazing down at her while their loins were still joined, confessing love seemed out of place. Of course a woman would scream she loved her partner in the height of sexual relations, so this probably wasn’t the ideal time to tell him. She ought to just enjoy him like she usually did, without any of the emotional drama.

“But you still have a long way to go to besting me in bed, my dear,” he grinned and sat up, taking a firm hold of her hips while he got to his knees. One thrust from the new angle and Elle’s toes curled.

“Ah! Mias…!” She cried, her hands grasping the bed sheets tightly and twisting them as he steadily rocked himself back and forth. “NN~!”

“Oh, you like that?” He asked teasingly, pushing himself harder to enjoy the scene beneath him: Elle biting her lower lip and squeezing her eyes shut while still smiling, her breasts bouncing with each thrust and little beads of sweat dripping down her warm, pink flesh. She was so beautiful, especially in the heat of sex – it was hard to keep a clear head when all he wanted now was to make her cry for him, and he did.

He never grew tired of hearing her call his name, and yet he felt something amiss despite the pleasure. He loved her so deeply, more than he knew how to express with words or actions, but telling her he felt that way simply wasn’t a good idea. Of course given all the other unfortunate situations the two found themselves in, loving each other hardly seemed like a hindrance. She loved him, surely she did. She wasn’t immune to him like she pretended to be, so maybe as with her missing him, he just needed to get her to say it.

“Tell me you love me…” He ordered softly as he descended from his high and melted against her.

“What…?” She didn’t quite hear him and turned onto her side to nuzzle up to him.

“Tell me… that you love me…” he repeated, a little less courageous than before.

“W-Why do you want me to say that?” She blushed. Had be been reading her mind somehow?

“I want… to hear it…”

If he just wanted to hear it, it didn’t matter if she meant it or not, Elle thought to herself. It was an easy way to release some of her pent of affection for him without him asking too many questions, but now she was curious: why did he want to hear such a thing? Was it because she was the only woman up until now who never said it? Or did he have some fantasy with her being head over heals for him? If that were the case, she really better not encourage him, but what an odd thing for a man like Mias to ask her.

Still, she wanted to, and this might be her only chance short of gathering enough courage to make an actual confession. Consider it practice, she told herself. Practice.

“I… love you,” she said quietly, trying not to put too much emotion into it.

“Again,” he commanded, zeroing in on her lips.

“I love you,” she repeated, putting a little more sweetness into it.

That’d do, he decided when he kissed her. Wanting for more was what often got him into trouble, but even so… just how was this wrong?

“Mias…?” Elle stroked his hair after their kiss ended and he went silent. “Is something the matter?”

“I’m tired…” He offered as his excuse, but still curled up to her for warmth and comfort. “The past few days have been exhausting.”

“Mhm,” she certainly agreed on that. “I suppose there’s no need to go on nattering if you want to get some sleep.”

“You’ll stay close to me, won’t you?” He asked, closing his eyes.

“I’m not going anywhere,” she smiled and kissed him to make good on her word. As they composed themselves for sleep and Elle found herself cradling Mias in her arms, the whole situation didn’t add up to be some fulfillment for ego or fantasy. Men didn’t play the emotional guessing game women did, even Mias with all his secrecy didn’t seem the sort to force the concept of ‘love’ into a relationship. There was no place for it. He hadn’t a need for love – his other mistresses confirmed that, so what did that leave for an answer then? That he actually loved her? He was going through a great deal of personal trouble all for her sake, so there was an undeniable fondness there… but fondness wasn’t love, and she had to stop confusing the two.
Elle and Mias II -- 45
Sexy Reunion Timez~

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The guests of Rothbart Hall slept peacefully in their beds until the sun crept over the horizon. The weary night staff traded shifts with the fresh-faced day staff, providing a new productive speed for the preparations that still needed completion.

Having slept in the same bed for caution’s sake, Retti awoke Elle soon after the dawn to begin preparations of their own. Once breakfast was out of the way, both took a full bath, dressed in their appropriate undergarments, and then stared down their gowns and further dressings with a mixture of excitement and uncertainty.

After exchanging a glance that conveyed this was a challenge they both could manage with one another’s help, the task of lacing up corsets and shaping their bodies to best fit the formal wear began, and roughly an hour later both girls had the garment in a comfortable enough fitting that still allowing them to breathe, though the resulting cleavage left both of them blushing when they took a good look at themselves.

“My god, it’s like rising bread dough…” Elle commented as she tried to tuck her breasts further in, but found her efforts futile.

“At least I actually look like I have breasts,” Retti said optimistically as she cupped her chest. “Your dress should provide you with some modesty, but it’ll look more out of place if they aren’t on display.”

“Right…” Elle bowed her head as she bent down to step into her petticoat. She slid the garment up to her waist and held it while Retti pulled the laces tight and tied the strings.

With that step completed, all that remained was donning the actual gown.

Retti’s was a burnt orange with dark gold trim and copper bodice, simple in design, but made of higher quality material than the maid’s usual dressings. She wore complimenting brown shoes with a slight heal and a small ribbon around her neck to sign she was merely a servant to a noble.

Elle’s was a fair blue and cream colored gown, with beaded trimming and intricate design to the bodice and puffed sleeves. The fabric was luxurious weave of silk that Elle found her fingers gliding over as Retti circled her to smooth out any wrinkles and make sure it fit her lady properly, and it did, like a glove in fact if Elle were to say so herself. Another one of Mias’ expertly tailored gifts, she guessed, but this time found the gesture flattering, although a bit disappointed he wouldn’t be the first one to see her in it.

Hair and makeup was the final challenge the two faced.

Retti unwove her usual twin braids and let her brunette hair hang freely in waves at her neck. She took two bunches from behind her ears and pinned it just below the crown of her head with a simple gold hair ornament. She began the same technique with Elle’s hair, but took the time to curl it into ringlets for a more elegant looking style and adorned her further with a necklace of blue gems (aquamarine, Elle suspected) and matching earrings.

Their makeup was kept simple with a light brushing of powder on the face, tracing the outline of their eyes, bit of blush to the cheeks, and then to each their own shade of rouge that complimented their dress.

It was nearing 10, almost a full three hours since the process began, but the results were well worth it as both girls stood transfixed in front of the full length mirror in the room.  

“I’ll have to touch up our makeup before the reception most likely, but this should do for now,” Retti explained.

“This isn’t too much, is it?” Elle asked. “We are supposed to keep a low profile…”

“If I kept it any simpler then we would stand out.”

“Sorry, Retti. I’m still a little paranoid.”

“I don’t blame you, Miss. I’m concerned too, but it’s only a little longer until the Master arrives. Let’s just try to enjoy this day as he wanted you to, alright?”

“Mhm,” Elle nodded her head and took one last look in the mirror before departing with Retti to the front hall to await the carriage to the cathedral.

Abernos and Marius were already down there, gathered amongst another group of guests and discussing whatever it was nobles talked about with one another, though their appearance seemed to relieve the two when they realized they had an excuse to abandon their conversation.

Marius wore a fancier sort of dress, but still in the relative design of his casual wear. He had his bangs combed back and his expression all the more visible, making it impossible for Elle not to smile back at him. He looked so much like Mias, especially when he had that wide, delighted grin on his face.

Abernos didn’t take notice of them right away due to his fussing with his own apparel.  Aside from his darkened fingertips and antlers, no other part of his heritage was visible. He wore a large pair of boots over his hooves, trousers without a hole for his tail, and long sleeves that hid his furry forearms. The color was a dark red with various shades of brown and flecks of forest green in the design. It suited him, but apparently he still needed convincing of it, and when both Elle and Retti complimented him, he found himself transfixed on other things and the blush on his cheeks grew redder.

Their group reunited, they exited the house for the next available carriage to the cathedral and had a short, uneventful ride than involved casual conversation over one another’s dress, the weather, and their expectations for the day’s events. None of the four had dismissed the idea of a possible second attack, Elle especially, but they had better things to be putting their minds to today, and worrying about what may or may not happen wasn’t helpful.

Arriving at the Cathedral, Elle and Marius separated from Retti and Abernos for the preferably guest seating towards the front. They coincidentally sat just behind Merevere who greeted the two with a small smile and a nod of her head.

And then they waited for what must have been nearly a full hour until the rows of seats were filled and everyone was in place, but Elle passed the time by examining the large gothic structure’s architecture. It was a grand display of stone work, the likes of which reminded her of the cathedrals and abbeys back home in England. It made her stop and think about the country of her birth for a moment. If she was happy here with Mias, there was no need to return, not that he’d let her, but if for some reason he did, would she go? There wasn’t anything in old London awaiting her return.

The haunting tune of a grand organ suddenly pulled everyone from their thoughts and rise to honor the wedding party. Elle might have been only a dozen rows from the altar, but the packed halls and sheer distance from the altar to the first row of seats put a strain on her eyes, and of course she wasn’t the only one with such problems. Never-the-less, she stood quietly as the procession began and the family filled the remaining seats in the front. The groom’s side was obvious even at a distance: most of the men were round bellied and the women weren’t much better.

The music didn’t change for Corrine when she entered, ironically dressed in white, and yet somehow it suited her just the same. Her expression was difficult to make out, but from body language alone she seemed in far better spirits than she had been previously, and this was further proven when she met her husband-to-be at the altar and Elle recognized that little girly giggle Corrine emitted whenever she was delighted.

The official presiding over the ceremony began his speech as soon as the music ended, and it contained the usual elements one would expect in a wedding. Elle was a bit disappointed it wasn’t more culturally diverse, but having not known what to expect, she couldn’t rightfully complain. It was lovely, the whole binding of hands and reciting of vows, and of course the kiss to seal them.

However, no sooner did the ceremony conclude and the guests rose to watch the bride and groom exit, a rather loud wave of cheers and applause echoed through the cathedral.

One sympathetic look from Marius told her that this was the beginning of a Rothbart celebration.

If Elle wanted a true sampling of culture, there was no shortage of it at the reception: Massive amounts of food and drink, musicians, games, performers, exotic animals, and plenty of full hearty people raring for a good time. It seemed more like a circus than a wedding reception, only with the added class of fancy dress and dinner ware. The reputation given to these nobles far exceeded what she’d been warned of, but on the positive sign, there was very little chance of her ever being found in such ruckus.

“I told you,” Marius gloated, noting Elle’s dropped jaw as she witnessed a man being thrown into one of the fountains by a large woman.

“And they’re still nobles?” Elle asked.

“They can do all this because they’re nobles,” Marius chuckled. “But it’s really all good business you see. By spreading their wealth like this, the whole province prospers.”

“I suppose there’s no rule saying nobles have to be prim and proper all the time, but I’m pretty sure I just saw a woman flash her nether regions.”

“You probably did.”

“Oh my…” Elle had to turn away from the crowd to focus on the small table her party had gathered at in the gardens under one of the many tents. The sun hadn’t even set and yet it was this rowdy, she didn’t know if that meant things would be better or worse come evening.

“Don’t worry, once everyone is drunk, it’ll settle down,” Merevere assured her. “Of course every Rothbart I’ve ever known has an incredible tolerance, so that’ll be a while.”

So that’s why the reception began so early in the afternoon, Elle realized.

“How out of hand do these things usually get?” Retti asked.

Merevere glanced around them to make her assessment. “Mm, this is usually about right. The staff try to prevent structural damage and any altercations, but you do need to exercise a certain degree of caution to avoid injury.”

“I think it’s fascinating,” Abernos beamed. “I don’t really like how loud it is, but seeing all you humans act like animals is fun.”

“Omigosh! A Stag!” A sudden shrill female voice made Abernos’ ears twitch and in seconds he found his chair surrounded by three well-endowed young women. “He’s so adorable!”

“Oh the ears! Don’t you just love the ears?!”

“Forget the ears, lookit the size of him even at sitting height!”

“Uh… huh?” Abernos blushed from all the prodding while Elle and the others giggled.

“I’m terribly sorry to disrupt your meal, but may we borrow him?” One of the girls asked.

Abernos gave them a deer-in-the-headlights sort of look, but before anyone could reply the other two were already pulling him out of his chair. “Ah! W-Wait! L-Ladies, please!”

“You’ll be fine, Mr. Abernos. Just entertain them for a while and they’ll leave you be,” Merevere waved her fingers with a calm smile on her face.

“But they’re all over me!” Abernos managed to wriggle free and jumped the table to avoid the small mob, and went on the run in hopes of escaping them completely.

Elle and others watched the group of girls give chase and felt a confliction of concern and amusement. It was all in good fun, really. Enamored bachelorettes with thoughts of love and marriage on the mind given chase to which ever male caught her fancy seemed to be a pretty common scene – even a few young girls worked up the courage to ask Marius to dance with them and being the gentleman that he was, he obliged.

When evening finally came and the weather grew cooler, a few of the guests finally dropped, ready for a long night’s sleep and were carted off by their more able servants. Those who had prolonged their merriment now reigned over the reception with a bit more discretion than the early, wilder crowd. Dances took shape and uniformity, the music slowed, yet remained loud and powerful, and the general atmosphere over the grounds told Elle that this was the stage that made one’s endurance worth your while, but all she could think about as the party pressed on was when Mias was due to arrive. Any moment now she expected him to appear out of the blue, but perhaps even he couldn’t navigate this chaos and they kept missing each other, or worse, what if things hadn’t gone according to plan?

“Are you feeling tired, Miss?” Retti asked her as they broke away from the main crowd for a breath of fresh air amongst the vendors towards the back gardens.

“No, I’m wondering where Mias is…” Elle admitted. “It’s getting late… I thought he’d be here by now.”

“He may have pushed his horse too far and needed to rest,” the maid suggested, trying to keep her mistress’ mood optimistic.

“I know, and it’s not like he gave an exact time…” Elle heaved out her worries with a sigh as they looped around back towards the mansion and happened upon Abernos tossed in a shrub with rouge kisses on his cheeks and his hair and clothes disheveled. “I see you’ve been having a good time.”

“What’s wrong with those human females?” He groaned, not wanting to get up just yet. “I thought girls were proper and tame like you two…”

“Unfortunately not,” Retti laughed as she and Elle each grabbed one of his hands to pull him back onto his feet.

“Ugh… they were so aggressive. One of them tried to mount me,” he confessed.

“Are you alright?” Elle asked.

“No harm done, but I really shouldn’t be around girls in heat,” he shuddered and tried to shake away the thoughts they stirred.

“You should probably call it an evening then, Abernos,” Elle suggested and patted his arm. “Let’s take him in, Retti.”

“Alright,” she responded and turned to help escort a weary Abernos back up the stairs and into the mansion. “Miss Elle, I can take him through the servant’s corridors. Why don’t you rejoin Master Marius?”

“You don’t need my help?”

“No, I’m much stronger than I look. I’ll be back once I’m sure Abernos is calm enough.”

“Alright,” Elle smiled, thinking there was no harm to be apart from any of her friends for a mere few minutes as she navigated through the perimeter of the ballroom.

With the sun set, a majority of the party was now confined to the room, slowing her movement as she pushed and apologized through the many strangers that blocked her path from where she’d last seen Marius and Merevere.

“Pardon me; please excuse me,” Elle repeated off and on as she brushed by several shoulders and was shoved into others by careless conversers. From about twenty feet away, she finally spotted Marius talking amongst of group of relatively sober gentleman and proceeded to make her way toward them, only something stopped her: a firm grasp of her wrist, and for a moment she expected to turn around and find Mias smiling at her, but instead she turned to see the freckled face of one of her adversaries.

“So this is where you’re hiding,” Iedra Ivarick grinned and pulled Elle closer to her.

“What are you doing here?!” Was the first thing Elle asked. Corrine wouldn’t want the likes of Iedra here, surely.

“Yes, this isn’t really my sort of party, but the Rothbarts were kind enough to send an invitation, and I just had the feeling it’d be worthwhile. Poor Duncan isn’t really the sort for such gatherings after all.”

“You knew I’d be here…” Elle realized. “You and that vampire have been watching us!”

“Spying is awfully droll, but I do have ways of keeping eyes on interesting developments. Now, if you’d be so kind to come with me.”

“Not a bloody chance,” Elle yanked her arm away and tried to make a run for it, but the thick crowd made that extremely difficult. She felt Iedra grab her dress and real her back in. “You think you can get away with any of this in a crowd this big?”

“Please, they’ve all been drunk long enough not to give much of a damn over what looks to be a little cat fight.”

“I’ll give you a fight, alright…” Elle told herself as she eyed up Iedra for a quick assessment of her options. She knew she wasn’t that strong, nor did she have a height advantage, nor were her nails as long and sharp. It wasn’t going to be much of a fight if Elle attacked her, but her clothing on the other hand… It was a bold move, and certainly not one Elle would consider given her basic code of human decency, but this was a Rothbart party, and no one would think much over a little wardrobe malfunction. Elle struck quickly, grabbing the strained bust line of Iedra’s dress with both hands and yanking down as hard as she could.

The classless act took Iedra by surprise as breasts were freed for all the world to see and of course her resulting scream only drew attention to herself, attention Elle used to weave her way through the amused crowd who always toasted a free pair of tits.

“Marius!” Elle called for the boy as she emerged from the main crowd.

“Elle, what is it?” He rushed to her side immediately. “Duncan?”

“Iedra,” Elle informed him.

“The Ivarick woman?”

“Yes, she works with Elias and she’s here!”

“A-Alright, calm down,” Marius said to both of them and started walking her along the wall ducked down to avoid being spotted. “She can’t really do anything without someone noticing, so we just have to avoid her.”

“I know, but if she’s here, how do we know Elias’ doesn’t have more friends on our tail?”

“She’s probably only here to spook you out to where Duncan or Elias could easily catch you. That’s how Elias operates. It’s in a predator’s nature to chase after anything that runs, so that’s why we can’t leave this room.”

“And how do you expect that I just stay put? I’m scared, and yes, maybe she is just here to chase me out, but we can’t be certain. Mias is supposed to be here… but he’s not… what if Elias got to him? If he managed to delay him at best, that’d be long enough for him to take me and—”

“You can’t think like that. Mias will be here; I know he will.”

“But he’s not here now!” Elle squeezed his hand tightly. “I hate this! There’s nothing more frustrating for me than being this helpless…!”

“You’re not helpless; you managed to get away from her, didn’t you?”

“It’s not like she had me in dire straights, but that’s not the point! You wouldn’t put a damsel through all this just so you can save her in the end and act like you’re not the reason she’s in distress in the first place?”

“Ideally no, but if I had no other choice, I’d expect she’d know how to take care of herself until I got there. He’s not asking you to be helpless, only strong in his absence. I know perfectly well how much of an ass he can be, but he doesn’t throw people into situations like this for the fun of it. He’s not a sadist like Elias.”

Elle knew that, just like she knew Mias sent her off only for her protection. Strange as it was to say, he was trying to do the right thing; it wasn’t his fault his efforts were in vain. She only had to endure this creeping sense of paranoia for little more than an hour before she truly ought to worry.

“Seems things have settled back down again,” Marius commented, looking into the ballroom and the spread out guests for any hint of trouble. “Lying low against the wall will do us no good if we’re spotted… we should get back into the crowd and mingle.”

“I can’t trust that any of those strangers aren’t working for Elias,” Elle confessed.

“Alright, then, um, let’s see if we can find people that I know… though… I know plenty of names, but not the faces they go to,” Marius sighed and slumped against the wall, slowly sinking down until his bottom hit the floor. “Where did Abernos and Retti get off to?”

“She was taking him back to his room, and said she’d be back, though Iedra will sooner find us in this crowd than Retti will…”

“Damn,” he cursed in frustration. “Sitting here fretting about won’t do any good, but I’m out of ideas.”

Elle gave him a sympathetic smile and glanced back over the crowd. The commotion caused by Iedra’s wardrobe malfunction appeared to have settled and from what she could see, the ginger haired woman wasn’t coming after her. The music had slowed to a deeper melody, lulling a few of the weary drunks to sleep while alert couples spun on the floor in time to the rhythm. “Well… how about another dance?”

“With me?” He perked up.

“Of course with you,” she smiled and offered her hand to him to help him stand. “Unless Iedra and Duncan teamed up on the dance floor, spotting one of them individually shouldn’t be too difficult. They keep turning and moving in a circle, so we won’t be pinned down readily either all while keeping our eyes peeled.”

“Now that’s a brilliant idea,” Marius smiled and got back to his feet before taking her hand.

An idea Elle wasn’t completely sure of, but Marius was right about sitting and fretting. She did that way too often. At least if she kept moving, her anxiety wouldn’t build up. They blended in to the other couples with one swift spin, becoming one with the flow of feet and dresses that thankfully hadn’t brought attention onto themselves.

“I’m sorry I’m not taller,” Marius apologized after seeing a few women rest their heads against the chests of their partners.

“Not at all. Your steps match mine easily this way,” she smiled. “I don’t think I could relax as much as the others anyway, given the circumstances.”

“Yes, but I’d like for you to have the option,” he pouted a little.

Elle kept smiling, his puppy love was obvious, and yet very sweet. He’d no doubt grow up into a fine gentleman, one who just may out charm all his brothers combined.

“Maybe I could rest my head against you?” He suggested.

“I don’t think so,” Elle giggled. If he had thoughts of nestling his head against her breasts, perhaps he wouldn’t turn out much different than his brothers.

They danced around the room for the full length of the symphony, and just as it was nearing its end, a man marched his way through the open doorway and brought the room to a stand still.

He grinned and gave a laugh while shrugging off their shock. “Ladies and Gentleman, please. It’s not my intention to crash this soiree, so please continue!”

“Cass?” Marius recognized the powerful voice of his fourth eldest brother despite not being able to see over the crowd.

“Who is it?” Elle asked, lifting herself up on the tips of her toes to see if she could see.

“It’s Cassius Dormaeus,” one of the gentlemen in front of her whispered back.

Elle looked to Marius and the boy shrugged. He had no idea why that brother was here either.

“Come, come, come, come now!” Cassius encouraged the orchestra. “Let there be music! Play, good sirs, play!”

Afraid of refusing the request, the nervous orchestra took their instruments back up and began to play a more lively tune.

“Do you want to meet him?” Marius asked. “I don’t know why he’s here, but so long as he’s in a good mood, Cass is always reasonable.”

“N-No… I-If he’s here instead of Mias, that must mean—!”

“Elle,” she heard a whisper in her ear and turned back expecting to see its source, but she didn’t.


“What is it?” Marius asked.

“I can hear him,” she said quietly and left his side somehow knowing exactly where she needed to go: back along the wall and through the side door to the unused exterior hall on the left side of the ballroom. “Mias?”

“Who else has the ability to call your name so only you can hear it?” A smug voice answered.

Elle turned to find the magician in one piece, alive and well, and his same old self standing there in wait for her. “You’re alright…”

“I told you it was only a meeting, my dear,” he chuckled, only to stop when she latched onto him for dear life.

“What kept you?! Do you know I was followed here by Elias’ favorite goons?!”


“You said I’d be safe! That I wouldn’t need to worry! ‘Just enjoy yourself’, well how the hell am I supposed to do that when any where I go I’m always in fear for my life?!”

“That was not my intention…” he said gently.

“I know it wasn’t, but I can’t live my life like this… please tell me Durias sided with you – that he’ll make Elias leave me alone.” She saw no need for a moving reunion just yet when what she wanted far more was a little peace of mind.

“Durias needs further convincing…” Mias reluctantly told her. “He wants to meet you personally to decide your fate.”

“B-But you said you’d take care of it!”

“I know, this isn’t what I wanted either, but it’ll be favorable if Durias considers only your viewpoint,” he said while running a hand past her cheek. “Forgive me…”

“Was there really nothing else you could do…?” She sniffled, fighting back tears. “Even with your magic?”

“I wish it were that simple,” he admitted, leaning his forehead down against hers. “It’ll be alright. I won’t let anything happen to you.”

“You keep saying that… I know you’re a man of your word Mias, but your word doesn’t take away the fear… I’m scared… and I can only endure so much at a time…”

“Alright,” he smiled, wrapping his arms around her torso tightly and holding her against him. “We’ll go when you feel ready.”

“Won’t that be a problem?”

“As you may have noticed, my brother Cassius accompanied me here… no doubt to keep an eye on me for Durias. I’m sure we can convince him to be lenient with our appointment,” he grinned and pecked a kiss on her cheek.

Elle nodded her head, finally finding some comfort now that Mias was safe and sound. She wished she could have looked more relieved and happy to see him, rather than upset, but he didn’t seem to mind so much since either way she ran into his arms.

“Mind if I take a better look at you in that dress?” He asked, loosening his grip to let her step back a bit, and she did so. “My, my… and how many young men’s hearts have you stolen this evening?”

Elle finally smiled and lightly laughed. “I haven’t had any of that trouble, actually.”

“What?! Are the men in there blind?”

Elle laughed again: how like Mias to be just as upset if no one flirted with her as opposed to if many had. “I wasn’t really paying attention to that… It is a beautiful dress, so thank you.”

“There are better ways of thanking me, you know,” he smiled, leaning his head down.

“Right,” she smirked before lightly puckering her lips and pressing them up against his. It might have only been a few days, but it felt like she’d gone years without kissing him. Damn it all, and here she said she wouldn’t miss him.
Elle and Mias II -- 44
A simple wedding and an eventful reception turn out to be more troublesome than enjoyable for Elle

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Busting Out by SuirenShinju
Busting Out
Based on this one
Makarov Casts Giant Magic on Pan WIP

I keep doodling the idea hoping to refine it better. This is my latest attempt XD
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