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While Elle knew there wasn’t much she could do to fix Mias’ problem, she was at least mindful in helping him deal with the frustration after failed attempts. She started giving him massages after work to help ease the tension in his muscles, and there was a fair bit to be worked out each day with the added strain from the harvest now in both their backs.

They were still in search of new hobbies and finding little success; fishing required far too much patience and when it came to board and card games, their competitive streaks equally ruined any chance of it being a relaxing way to pass the time. The household chores were somewhat therapeutic, Mias finding some pleasure in making their sparse belongings neat and tidy. Elle even made him his own apron to wear around the house and he wore it proudly as any man who sought to protect his clothes should. He didn’t mind doing the laundry either, but with the winter drawing nearer, clothes and sheets would have to try and dry indoors with the heat of the fire seeping in the scent of charred wood. Not that it was unpleasant, but compared to the breeze and the sunshine, it was simply inferior.

What worked for the time being were the plethora of stories each of them had to share, some about their childhoods and family with Elle’s requiring extra explanations since Mias had no clue about technology and other modern things she spoke of. The story of how her Uncle Mark in a fit of drunken Christmas joy drove a fully prepared glazed ham into the television with a golf club when she was six was one such riveting tale that Mias quite enjoyed once he understood all the components.

As for Mias’ stories, the story surrounding his Uncle Tiberius and his Aunt Arhea was one of Elle’s favorites. She knew part of it concerned the later conceiving before wedlock, but whole story in full read like a romance novel. Tiberius was the oldest son from the previous generation of Dormaeus, but fell in love with Arhea, a player in a traveling performance troupe who returned his affection, but whose gentle heart knew he’d be the next head of the family and a man unattainable to be her husband. Still, they couldn’t be away from one another and not surprisingly it wasn’t long before she was with child. Fearing the child would be killed, as bastards were not allowed, they married in haste and fled the main house, casting away all either of them had ever known to travel the world, happy and in love. Dragias, Mias’ father, was sympathetic to his brother and seeing as he became the next head because of Tiberius actions, never reprimanded him.

Occasionally they’d receive letters on their welfare from their agent in surveillance of the outcasts. Mias’ cousin Livius was apparently quite the impish boy who had grown into a fine young man not bound by the Dormaeus name. He was captain of his own ship when last Mias heard from him, married, and raising a son of his own now too.

From the way Mias spoke about his uncle and cousin, she could tell there was a bit of envy that they managed to escape the head’s hold over their fate, but it was only because neither wielded the power. If they had, it’d be a very different story…

“Do you think it’s odd none of your brothers, hell who am I kidding? Do you think it’s odd Elias hasn’t shown up here to see if we’ve learned our place yet?” Elle asked as they decided to take a walk through the village during their lunch break from the fields. “I mean we really aren’t that well hidden, are we?”

“I suppose not. Perhaps we’re fortunate. I too find it hard to believe Elias would not be looking by this point, but I suspect Durias might want to allow us a decent honeymoon period in the hopes it’ll… result… in something,” he said, eyeing her womb.

“Ha, well little does he know then,” Elle hugged his arm. “If he’s so desperate to have the main family continue, why isn’t he married and making babies?”

“Marius told you: We’re very selective of our brides. I suppose if love were to play a roll, it might’ve happened sooner, but obviously, no woman my brothers have taken to bed have been suitable enough.”

“Are you all poon hounds?” Elle asked directly.

“Er, well, Durias is picky, but he’s taken a few women to my knowledge… Aurelius and Thade are more reserved, but I know they’re not virgins anymore. Cass is probably a notch below me, but he’s the type to just directly ask a woman at a party and if she says yes, then they’re off, if no, he’ll try his luck elsewhere. As for Pius, I don’t really know with him. He’s very quiet, so even if he has fooled around, I think he’d be able to keep it private.”

“I wasn’t expecting you to actually answer that,” Elle giggled.

“You asked,” Mias reminded her, chuckling along with her.

She beamed and squeezed his arm again as she noticed the backdoor to the pub coming into view as they stepped into the private back streets. “Ah, already?”

“I thought you liked working here.”

“I do, but it’s been so busy lately, and I really like my walks with you,” she admitted cautiously, already spying the beginnings of a pleased grin in the corners of his mouth.

“You’ll have me all to yourself once the harvest and festival are over,” he told her with an overly sweet voice as he hugged her waist.

“But then it’s gathering firewood and whatever else the autumn entails before winter,” she reminded him. “I’ll be less busy and have more time to miss you.”

“Miss me, will you?” He lifted her onto a nearby barrel to meet the difference in their heights.

She blushed and quietly nodded her head while her legs were unafraid to hook around his hips and bring him closer.

“Mm, you really must not want to go to work…” he chuckled in amusement.

“That’s not what I want,” she gave him a sly smile and grabbed the front of his shirt to pull him in for a kiss.

Their lips unpoetically smushed against another’s at first before Mias conceded to pucker and take her flirtation more seriously. While he was grateful her wanting was seldom as physical as his previous, the moments when she managed to make his heart skip a beat now left a pang of guilt in his chest with his lack of response from his nether region. Everything else was in agreement this was the time to stand at attention, but it simply didn’t happen.

“Oh… Mias…” Elle noticed the subtle shift in his expression from charmed to frustrated and sad, bringing a sympathetic to her face and more kisses to his lips. “We wouldn’t, not here, even if you could.”

“I know, but the mere possibility still excites me, and yet…” He sighed.

“Maybe try focusing on another aspect that excites you aside from the actual act?” She suggested, still hugging him close with all her limbs.

“I’ve tried, but I still can’t get beyond a semi…”

“…Well is there anything you haven’t tried? Some… kink or something?”

Mias anticipated this to be a very dangerous question to answer. “Would you be willing to step into that territory...?”

“It… depends,” she answered cautiously. “You’re not thinking anything too freaky, are you?”

“No, no,” he chuckled, leaning his head closer to hers. “I could tie your hands together, tether you to the bed… see if letting me have my complete way with you helps.”

Elle turned completely red, but she wasn’t opposed to the idea. She had a few fantasies of her own that involved tying him up, though only one was sexual and a part of a mind she didn’t venture to often, but if could help Mias, it was an avenue worth exploring, and she wouldn’t have suggested it if she wasn’t open to the idea in the first place. However, she wanted to remain an active participant rather than simply lie there. “Um… w-would… would you want me to pretend like you’d kidnapped me again?

“If you want to add some roleplay to it, I certainly won’t mind being the handsome sorcerer,” he boasted to help ease her tension, and since she giggled, he assumed he had.

“I only ask because… I’ve never… completely surrendered myself to you. Even our first time together, I kept nattering on… didn’t know what to do… that’s more what I’m uncomfortable with.”

“You don’t trust me?”

“I do, but I’m still a little scared,” she admitted. “Being that open with you…”

“We don’t have to if you don’t want to,” he assured her, smiling and snuggling up to her anyway for the thought.

“…I want to…” she squeaked and felt Mias squeeze her tighter.

“And if it works?” He asked.

“Then… we’ll… you’ll, be making me your wife, won’t you?” She answered in a shy tone, but looked at him with expectant grey eyes.

“When did you become this perfect?” Mias asked in a single breath before kissing her lips with a passion the one before obviously lacked given her response was to moan into his mouth the moment after they connected.

Elle relished in the kiss, but lamented in its end when the responsibility of returning to work forced the two apart yet again. She’d see him later that evening at the usual table, but given their limited interaction in that time, it hardly counted toward any quality time together.

However today she had the growing anxiety in her chest and belly over what exactly Mias had planned for her, if he even meant to carry it out tonight. It’d be just like him to make her wait until she was completely off her guard, but given the observing eye he kept on her in passing, she could tell his plot was already afoot, and try as she may to play along, it only made her smile and giggle – her initial response to mild embarrassment.

She didn’t dislike it though. Between two consenting adults, she could see the fun with such fantasies, but wondered if bringing one to life would be the cure for Mias’ condition. It seemed to her if fantasy were all it took, Mias’ own imagination ought to have sufficed, but perhaps since it hadn’t was the proof it was mental and not physical. If that were so, what more could she do for him? Being supportive didn’t feel like enough…

Perhaps this was a good start to it, she told herself as she left the pub to return home with Mias stalking her shadow. She knew he could have been much more discreet if he wanted to, but the mood wasn’t with either of them to take this too seriously, and so she walked alone, but not alone, on the path home waiting for him to make his move. She expected to be jumped and carried off at some point – Mias’ nearly classic move, but it never came.

She entered their house and he followed behind her, still patiently observing her as she stoked the embers in the fireplace, added fresh wood and kindling, and waited for the flames to lick up the new fuel and light up the room. It was when she turned around that she came face to face with Mias, his ability to sneak up on her clearly hadn’t diminished, and genuinely jumped in surprise. “Jeezus! You scared me…”

He slowly grinned, said nothing, and took a step forward that caused her to take one back.

“U-Um…” She wasn’t sure if she ought to keep talking, at least wait until he actually did something. It was oddly amazing how intimidating he could make himself at the drop of a hat, yet still look incredibly charming and debonair, and with her heart already beating faster, she found her excitement growing as he backed her against the adjacent wall.

“Even frightened, you’re still so beautiful,” he finally spoke in a darker voice, his hand reaching for her face before dropping down and cupping her right breast rather gently.

“I’m hardly ‘frightened’,” she clarified.

“Oh?” He asked with intrigue as his hands continued to grope her and pluck at the ties that held her clothing together.

Maybe he had a point, whether or not he was acting, she was slightly nervous about all this. She knew he wouldn’t dare do anything untoward her, but the depths of her trust for him hadn’t been tested like this before and revealing this side of herself was embarrassing, even though they both knew it existed and that Mias was bound to accept it – it still didn’t keep Elle from getting goosebumps over it all.

“Let’s make you more comfortable, my dear,” he said smoothly as he untied her apron first and then began working with the strings of her dress.

Elle held still, the uncertainty of it all keeping her frozen both out of fear and at the same time eager anticipation for how he’d proceed. He was being exceedingly gentle and careful, which was appreciated, but made the stirring in her gut worse. He was too good at being the bad guy.

“Lovely,” he commented as he peeled the dress from her torso, exposing her breasts and already erect nipples, an act that finally putting the red hue to her cheeks.

“Do you have to undress me so slowly? Perv,” she asked, but knew slow was the ideal for both of them in this situation.

“I’m in no hurry,” he smiled and dipped his head down to kiss her breasts while his hands slid her dress off her hips and onto the floor.

“Mm!” The heat from his mouth felt a little too good against the bare flesh, but she swallowed back the pleasure and trembled a bit because of it. Staying still was growing increasingly difficult, and with her breasts hopefully distracting him, she tried to quickly dart to the other side of the room.

“Ah-ah,” Mias scolded, catching her waist and raising his head to look her in the eye. “Trying to runaway little mouse?”

“I…!” Elle had to pause to catch her breath. Maybe add to plot of her seduction a bit. “L-Lemme go…”

“I’m afraid that’s impossible,” he grinned, loving this far too much already. “You see I’ve fallen in love with you and won’t be able to rest until I make you mine.”

“No…” She blushed and turned her head away from his.

He chuckled as he admired her expression before turning her chin back towards his and kissing her firmly, but gently. “My blushing bride has such sweet lips.”

He was laying it on a little thick, but it still made Elle smile for a moment before she resumed character. Mias was being so mindful of his actions and her reactions, complimenting her instead of teasing was meant to help relax her without breaking from his roll. Clever Mias. Always knowing just what to do in any sexual situation. A part of Elle truly admired that, not that she’d ever let his ego know.

“I wonder if these taste the same,” he pondered as his fingers slipped underneath the waistband of her panties and began to pull them down.

“Eep!” Elle blushed even bright and squeezed her thighs together to try and make the process harder for him with little success as her panties found their way on top of the clothing pile at her feet.

Mias grabbed her left leg and lifted it over his right shoulder as he sunk to his knees, planting kisses down the center of her naval.

“N-No! Please not there…!” She tried to sound convincing, but her sex had been aching for his touch ever since he began this charade and she braced a hand against the wall while the other she kept clenched against her chest to keep her heart from bursting forth.

Mias wondered for a moment if he was being a bit cruel with his advances, torturing her so sweetly without letting her lie down – he truly was a scoundrel, but a scoundrel who got results. Her expression as he brought her closer and closer to the edge with his tongue was indeed having an effect on his lower appendage, but it was still nothing he could use just yet. He kept his focus on her, watching her intently as she came and slumped against the wall panting. He then lowered her leg and licked his lips once her eyes fell onto him. “Mm…”

“…!” She didn’t say a word, but her expression conveyed all he needed in that moment and Elle found herself being escorted to the bed. “Wh-What are you doing?”

“I think you can deduce that yourself,” he said, producing a ribbon of woven cotton fabric she recognized as a scrap from her sewing basket. He must have nicked it before he snuck up on her, saving it for later when it could better serve him.

Elle gulped, feeling him pull the arm he held behind her back along with the rest of her until she was against his chest and his lips were on her shoulder and his other hand seeking her free one. Not wanting him to restrain her so easily, Elle tried to keep her free hand out of reach with small, plaintiff cries of objection which were of course ignored as he caught her hand by gliding his own down the length of her arm.

“Now, now, we can’t have any of that,” he said with a playful nip to her neck as he held her wrists together and began to bind them with the ribbon. “Not too tight, is it?”

Elle tested the strength of the binds, figuring she could probably snap it if she really wanted to, but that would certainly put a hamper to the mood and so she relaxed her wrists and found herself in no discomfort.

“And now it gets interesting,” he breathed into her ear before giving her a light shove onto the bed where she landed with little grace and scurried to get herself upright lest she just lie there with her rear in the air.

“You fiend,” Elle scorned as she watched him remove his shirt, and shuffled back as he crawled onto the bed, kicking off his boots as he did so.

“Oo, such a mean tongue,” he chuckled and grabbed her by the right ankle and pulled her to him. “I’ll have to do something about that.”

“Don’t you dare!” She warned, kicking at him a little until he got a hold of both her ankles and pulled her legs up and apart, earning another shriek of embarrassment from her. “WAAHH!”

“I love how this part of you blushes brighter than your cheeks,” he said as he moved in-between the available space and released a leg to tease his fingers at her entrance.

“Can I not have some decency?!” Elle asked honestly. When he was down there with his tongue it was one thing, but blatantly exposing her and staring with lusty intent was another.

“Nope,” he smiled and tickled a finger to the still sensitive bud.

“Aah!” She turned her head to try and bury it into the bedding, but the shuffling of Mias’ pants brought her eyes back to him, her curiosity over their plan’s success now her main concern.

He revealed himself to be semi-erect, not bad considering it was better than nothing, but the frustration over anything less than his best brought his hand swiftly to the shaft to give it strokes of encouragement, but Elle could tell his patience was already slipping and the longer he tried to force himself, the worse it’d be.

“…May I?” She asked quietly, breaking her role of damsel-in-distress for her true role as a concerned… wife.

Mias looked at her with a puzzled expression, but removed his hand as she rolled onto her knees and shifted her body to lower her head into his lap. “E… Elle…”

Since this was another option they hadn’t exhausted, Elle didn’t see the harm in trying to suck him to fell attention, and she had no doubt a bound hand blowjob was on Mias’ sex bucket list with her, and besides, it’d been a while since she heard him moan in ecstasy. Erect or not, it had to feel good, she thought after a few tentative licks to the head prepared her to take him into her mouth.

“Elle…!” Mias hissed his breath in and exhaled with a pleasant moan.

She felt him twitch against her tongue as she slowly bobbed her head up and down. It seemed the blood flow was increasing.

“Oooohh gods, that’s good…” He leaned back and spread his legs to a more comfortable position, his hand now stroking her hair in approval as she continued.

Elle kept her pace steady, optimistic it was working given his reaction, but his euphoria was short lived when she felt a sudden spasm and felt him empty into her mouth. She pushed herself back immediately, coughing and having to spit onto the floor to keep from getting it everywhere. “Flippin’ heck! Why didn’t you tell me you were gonna cum?!”

“I didn’t think I was going to!” he turned beat red.

Elle regained her composure and wiped the remnants of him onto her shoulder seeing as her hands were still tied up. “…You didn’t feel it?”

“I thought I was getting hard…”

“You seemed to be,” she told him, trying to offer it as hope.

He sighed mournfully and brought his legs together, his head dipping down to rest against his knees as he pulled them towards his chest. “…Kill me… Put me out of my misery and let me die with what’s left of my dignity…”

“Mias…” Elle shuffled towards him and leaned her head against his arm. “It’s alright.”

“The hell it is!” He raised his head and shouted, his eyes misting as the frustration and depression began rising to the surface. “It’s the one thing I still had! I don’t have my powers! I don’t have my money! I don’t even have my name! I’m sorry, but I can’t be happy playing house the way you are all the damn time! It’s not even real! I don’t know what is if I have from you, but you’ve made it’s clear it’s not love, so what the bloody hell am I supposed to look forward to if I can’t even get a bloody erection?!”

“Mias…” she repeated his name calmly and summoned her strength to snap the ribbon, quickly bringing her hands to his face to comfort him. “…Have you felt that way all this time?”

“You seemed so happy… the last I wanted was to be the asshole who ruined it for you…” he confessed.

Elle wiped away the first tear with her thumb. “Mias, it’s one thing to make no attempt to adapt, but I know you’ve been trying, and if it isn’t working, then we need to do something else. I don’t want you to be miserable.”

“Do what? Summer’s over and I doubt we’ll be able to settle down anywhere else before winter. We put everything into this…”

“Yes, we did, and we can also sell what’ve made here and move on. Perhaps we don’t settle anywhere. Maybe we get on a ship and sail around the world,” she suggested, running her fingers into his hair and encouraging him to unwind from his defensive ball and nestle into her arms, which he did. “I trusted you enough to do this; can’t you trust me with how you feel…?”

“It’s… far more difficult in practice…” he admitted, nuzzling a wet face into her neck. “Especially with how much I love you…”

“I’m sorry,” she squeezed him tighter. “I want to give you an honest answer, I do, but when I ask myself if you’re the one I want to spend the rest of my life with, I still can’t see it… what happens if I do want children? If I get fat and have stretch marks? If I get sick and need you to take care of me… Are you going to still love me enough to want to be with me then? We’ve known each other for such a short time compared to all the years you want me to look ahead… I can’t answer that, but right now I do care about you more than you seem to realize, and it’s not just because I’m a kind person. You and I… have something more unique than any other couple, so maybe trying to define it is the problem. What’s important is how we feel, isn’t it?”

He kissed her cheek and took a deep breath as he leaned back. “…Perhaps I didn’t consider the future enough when I made my decisions.”

“You are impulsive,” she smiled at him.

“But considering it now, it still doesn’t matter. I love you, so of course I’m going to take care of you, and what’s a little weight? Do you think I’m going to keep my figure forever?”

She giggled and shook her head. “Probably not.”

“Exactly, time is rarely kind with age – all the more reason for us to enjoy our youth,” he smirked, before swallowing it back and blushing. “And if you really want children, we’ll… talk about it when the time comes.”

“Aw, Mias,” she hugged his neck.

“But not now, please not now,” he begged.

Elle giggled again and kept hugging him. “It’s the furthest thing from my mind right now, I assure you. For now, I want to continue to get to know you and if you don’t want it to be here, let’s go find where we both can be happy, okay?”

“Alright,” he smiled, his emotions finally tempered and back under his control. His situation hadn’t changed, but with the weight finally off his chest, he felt better; exhausted, but better and he fell asleep in the few moments Elle let him alone to clean up.

“Poor guy…” Elle murmured as she finally crawled back into bed after tending to certain stains and washing her mouth out. She sat on the edge of the bed and watched him sleep for a few minutes before taking her place at his side and pulling up the covers. First thing tomorrow, they’d hatch out a new plan of action, but for now, sleep was best for both of them, and so she closed her eyes and drifted off right behind him.
Elle and Mias II -- 72
I like to think this chapter shows a lot of growth in their relationship as responsible, consenting adults working through their problems - under the guise of smut.

(c) StressedJenny & SuirenShinju
It needs work, and there really isn't a format for submitting writing, and I'm by no means gonna charge anyone for the continuation of any current stories I have on here. But if you'd like to start providing financial support that I can put towards upgrading my gear and maybe even contributing to my master plan of traveling and documenting the whole experience, that'd be swell.…

Thanks again to everyone whose followed and supported me thus far. I really am striving to do better, but I am very much a tortoise when it comes to progress. ^^'


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